VAS will provide online training again starting on 30 November

From November 30, VAS will be offering its members online chess training again! On Monday evening from 20:00 to 21:30, training will be given to the VAS chess players by qualified chess trainers in 3 different groups via zoom.

Participation is free

Participation is free (!), but a one-time advance registration is required. This can be done with a message to the competition leader Niels. Then a classification is made based on playing strength.

The division is roughly:

group 1 – ELO 1800+

group 2 – 1600 ELO to 1800 ELO

group 3 – up to 1600

Every Monday a zoom link is shared for each group.


chess practice 1 – November 30

chess practice 2 – December 7th

chess training 3 – December 14th

chess practice 4 – December 21th

chess practice 5 – January 4th

chess practice 6 – January 11th

chess training 7 – January 18th

chess practice 8 – January 25th

chess training 9 – February 1th

chess training 10 – February 8th


The content is determined by the trainer but certain topics can be included in the teaching material upon request

Have fun !!

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